AbigaillRose نساء - 34 سنة
الاسم العائلي AbigaillRose
فئة نساء
الاستيهامات الجنسية One of my fantasies is pormer to come to a man alone with my mouth and that fills my mouth from his delicious cum. Be passionately with a great man and make me come with a hard sex.
العمر ٣٤ سنة
لون الشعر أسود
طول الشعر طويل
لون العينين عسلية
الطول ١٥٠ cm - ٥٩ in
الوزن ٣٥ kg - ٧٧ lbs
قياسات ٨٠-٦٦-٨٦ cm - ٣١-٢٦-٣٤ in
التفضيل الجنسي White thin men with cute eyes color, very kind that knows how to respect a lady and make me laugh a lot to finish in something fun and unbridled
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نوع الجسم نحيفة
يثيرني It excites me a lot that they treat me gently, they know me to play sensually and take me with their caresses to the sky smelling a good perfume and that their hands pass me all over my body
لايثيرني I hate bad smells in a person, who are dirty or stingy and do not know how to respect. I do not excite me the anal or that they force me to do it
الوضعية المفضلة I love riding the dick and being able to feel it well inside, I love the dog position and that they fuck me from the hair and fuck me hard with an oral that makes me cum.
العرق والأصل لاتيني
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I am 34 years old and I am single. Rock lover and everything related to the comics. I love healthy and fast food, my favorite dish is autocton of my country my country wich is called AJIACO. I am very passionate for sex and I like to experience new things. I love wild sex and more if you involve spanking, licking my nipples and rubbing my breasts passionately. I hope to fulfill all your fantasies and fill me from your love. In my private ones I can do you Striptease play with my fingers play with my dildo blowjob Deepthroat squirt My Room's rules are very easy, sigmines at the bottom of the letter. You can not treat me wrong You can not tell me rudeness You should not treat other users badly Not Report

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