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Τα τελευταία σχόλια σχετικά με τις ιδιωτικές εκπομπές του Calliopy

tonyrattoo 30/11/22 - 10:50 π.μ.
sexy classy babe
Pollux38 3/1/22 - 12:04 π.μ.
A very special princess,always two hearts in one. te iubeste asa,i love you,stay my star ,your angel gentleman poet,hugs kisses,your jean paul💙🌟😇
fredfur 7/8/21 - 6:56 π.μ.
Very hot
Alex29318 3/11/20 - 4:31 π.μ.
MMM sexy
bungle 17/7/19 - 11:00 π.μ.
Amazing horny woman
Calliopy 6/11/19 - 9:37 π.μ.
Thanx you !! Wait u next time
#26576506 4/7/19 - 9:28 π.μ.
Calliopy 6/11/19 - 9:37 π.μ.
kiss misss
serg1961 27/5/19 - 10:54 π.μ.
#31591601 28/2/19 - 4:28 π.μ.
thank you
ericbhf 28/1/19 - 10:11 π.μ.
thanks a lot bb
#26223628 21/1/19 - 11:06 π.μ.
bonne petite pipe
gaulois71 16/2/18 - 8:54 π.μ.
une femme divinement belle , un plaisir inouï , un bonheur extrême
Pollux38 10/5/17 - 12:59 π.μ.
omg! What special moment in total harmony! same love in one heart! You're a princess,a Star! Stay my Star forever! kisses,hugs,your poet.
Pollux38 4/5/17 - 12:48 π.μ.
OMG! What absolute happiness tonight together in same feelings! your beauty is total! you offer me your heart,ten stars for you mon amour!Be my star forever,your poet chaman
treepaul 4/10/16 - 12:24 π.μ.
OMG! What special moment together,real feelings, magnificent orgasm ,thanks mon amour. Stay my star, bright forever!Ten Stars to note you... your angel
treepaul 8/8/16 - 10:46 μ.μ.
OMG! What so sensual real pv together! So real feelings, two heart in one in same spirit & love. Ten stars at least for your show... Always marvellous... Stay my Star forever. tendres baisers from your poet.
treepaul 9/5/16 - 8:33 μ.μ.
OMG! What special show with my princess! not play,so real! thanks for this gift,not reasonable!! i appreciate. Seven Stars bright for you* be my star! Kisses ,love from your poet...
treepaul 2/3/16 - 1:53 π.μ.
Hi my best wonderful shox tonight with my Calliop! So sensual & sexy show together,real dance,not playing! These gifts are a marvellous moment . You bright like a Star! stay my Star forever! Kisses mon coeur,always in my heart & soul!! Kisses,tender real baisers from a poet!!! Seven Stars bright with you.
treepaul 2/2/16 - 2:58 π.μ.
Omg! What splendid moment with a real princess! Real feelings between us from long time!!! And this natural breast,what gift! stay my Star & bright always for your poet! Kisses lover ,tender kisses !!! Seven Stars !!!
treepaul 13/12/15 - 12:34 π.μ.
Omg ! This new moment with a blue dress special for me,what happiness!!! So real feelings & same heart! Merci,see you soon,my lover queen! Your poet
treepaul 12/12/15 - 11:34 μ.μ.
Oh my best moment i don't see my greek princess! So charm & class have you,real in showas ever,our feelings so strong,you're my Star! Seven stars bright under you in the milky way!! Kisses lover princess from a poet
#9334665 29/9/15 - 9:01 μ.μ.
i luvdit ok it is grat coll me ok 2083130178
treepaul 7/9/15 - 11:35 μ.μ.
OMG a so charming moment with a princess,a siren, a real class,charm & intelligent woman! Say like that with our real feelings, every time,a special moment,my lover friend! You're my Star who bright in the night in my life! Kisses from your gentleman poet! Seven Stars ,i deserve you.
treepaul 4/8/15 - 12:09 π.μ.
A so romantica show with a marvellous princess! always in straight spirit,real feelings & laughs together! Your class,charm & heart are yours qualities. You're my Muse,my queen,my Star! Bright for me long time in my life,along the milky way too! Seven stars! bisous,your poet
treepaul 12/7/15 - 11:58 μ.μ.
A so marvellous moment with areal woman,so natural ! our feelngs are so strong! Two hearts in one,you're my angel for life! Kisses hugs in my arms,your gentleman poet! Seven Stars at least!!!!
treepaul 2/7/15 - 1:00 π.μ.
A wonderful moment with a marvellous greek princess! So real,natural,not playingin our moment alone! Trop belle &adorable;,a Star is born! Stay like that Caliopi,love you! Your angel & gentleman.
treepaul 2/6/15 - 1:08 π.μ.
Hi my best show with a real princess! always real in show & feelings! More two mixed hearts in one! Thanks my lover siren! Thanks for your real passion! i love that! Kisses lover siren from your jean paul,poet confidant! Stay my Star
treepaul 5/5/15 - 12:18 π.μ.
a so marvellous show with a real woman,with more qualities: heart large,straight real spirit & love! Stay my special confidant for long time! You bright in the night for me,merci!Baisers tendres ,my Star! seven stars!!!!
treepaul 3/2/15 - 2:34 π.μ.
A real so moment together! last time,i've not moment in these same feelings & thinkings! Thanks mon amour! My greek princess,you're real in your show,you don't play;i appreciate! Kisses Hugs in my arms! Stay my star! Your gentleman poet
#8141406 23/12/14 - 2:23 π.μ.
very nice cant wait till our next night together xxx my love
treepaul 2/12/14 - 3:04 π.μ.
Thanks for this moment with real respectable and charmng woman! more real thinkings & feelings mixed,je t'aime mon coeur! Always in my sou! Stay like that,class,adorable sweet words... your getleman poet
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