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환상 I want to persuade you with my sexy voice. We can have a hot conversation and I'll let you discover my naughtiest desires. I will seduce you with my sensual dance, my hands will touch my body while I get wet for you.
나이 나이 19
머리색 연한 밤색
머리길이 긴 머리
눈색깔 밤색
161 cm - 63 in
몸무게 55 kg - 121 lbs
신체 사이즈 73-85-99 cm - 29-33-39 in
가슴 작은 가슴
성적 선호도 I am interested in souls, not in gender. I like to have an original style and show my creativity to the world. I have many seductive facets, but first I will discover your passions and make you receive a lot of pleasure with me.
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흥분된다 A person who knows how to wet a woman will light my fire. My fingers can be the most mischievous. And with my toys I will make you explode.
흥분되지 않는다 There are some things I definitely can't accept: rude and offensive people, unfair people, and people who don't dream big.
선호 체위 Face-off, Cowgirl, Leap Frog, Doggie Style, Reverse Cowgirl. Help me discover more.
인종 라티노
구어  프랑스어,  영어,  포르투칼어

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I am a Colombian student of audiovisual communication. I consider myself a creative and original woman, with an innovative style and always ready to have new experiences. I love fashion's world and I want to work in the industry in the future.

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The latest comments about BarbaraCollins ‘s private shows

ShelbyT 21. 3. 16. 오전 10:17
Une femme magnifique, j’ai vécu un moment inoubliable, fonnceeez
BarbaraCollins 21. 3. 17. 오전 3:56
Tu es incroyable, aussi très drôle. J'ai passé un très bon moment avec toi. Revenez bientôt Mr. T.😍
Carper 21. 3. 15. 오전 9:57
Simply the best
BarbaraCollins 21. 3. 16. 오전 4:33
thank u bby! you are the best too💗
Carper 21. 3. 9. 오전 9:00
Una experiencia inolvidable
BarbaraCollins 21. 3. 11. 오전 1:31
Siempre es un placer🔥
easypocket 21. 3. 2. 오전 10:51
increible barbara una pena los ultimos 4 minutos q te deje de oir. Pero eres espectacular
BarbaraCollins 21. 3. 2. 오전 11:41
Manu, yo también dejé de escucharte 😕 no sé qué pasó, pero todo fue delicioso!
Tiimo20 21. 3. 1. 오전 8:47
great there
BarbaraCollins 21. 3. 2. 오전 5:02
Thx hun, come back soon.😈
pinson-vert 21. 3. 1. 오전 7:45
Superbe show ma belle barbara continue comme ça avec tes super musiques et dance sexy mon amour et j'espère d'avoir fait bien jouir et mouillé ma belle brune du disco🙂😋😉😜✌🤟🤘ma chérie.
BarbaraCollins 21. 3. 2. 오전 5:02
C'est toujours un plaisir, j'aime que vous appréciez mon spectacle et ma musique. Beaucoup de bisous !🥰💋🔥
kali2020 21. 2. 24. 오전 7:15
Parfaite une vrai reine
BarbaraCollins 21. 2. 24. 오전 11:03
Merci pour vos cadeaux, ce fut un plaisir d'en profiter avec vous.😘
Bno.17139 21. 2. 4. 오전 8:37
BarbaraCollins 21. 2. 4. 오후 2:23
Besos para ti bebe!
roy001 21. 1. 28. 오전 1:50
very good girl
BarbaraCollins 21. 1. 28. 오전 3:22
thank you so much babe, come back soon💋
stephcaledo243 21. 1. 18. 오후 12:38
un très joli show bb. beaucoup de tendresse et de plaisir.
BarbaraCollins 21. 1. 19. 오전 8:30
Grazie, tesoro, è molto dolce. 😍
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