LilaPiper 젊은 여성(18세 이상) - 나이 26
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범주 젊은 여성(18세 이상)
환상 Not everything looks as you might think, so I might be a good and friendly girl or either a hot badass.It's all about what you prefer the most.
나이 나이 26
머리색 검은색
머리길이 긴 머리
눈색깔 파란색
160 cm - 63 in
몸무게 48 kg - 106 lbs
신체 사이즈 78-64-77 cm - 31-25-30 in
가슴 작은 가슴
성적 선호도 I love to experience new things, also I'm attracted by the unknown and I will never back down of meeting great people or creating new connections.
성기 모양 면도
신체 유형 날씬
흥분된다 When it comes to my favourite things, making your body my playground and twisting your mind untill you get addicted to me are on top !
흥분되지 않는다 I am a woman , and all women deserve respect . So there is nothing more I dislike than an impolite man!
선호 체위 Always on top!
인종 유럽인
구어  프랑스어,  영어,  스페인어

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You can call me Lila or Miss Piper( if you know what I mean ). I can be a spoiled printess , a sensual lover and the Queen of torment.It all depends on which side of me you are able to turn on . Sounds like a dangerous game , but playing on the edge of danger can be a strong aphrodisiac. I'm that type of woman that once you met I'm hard to forget. I m not making promises and I'm an honest person. You will all find the answers to all your questions deep inside my heart!

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re5chats 21. 11. 3. 오전 8:40
Super PV
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merci pour ce moment
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super pv
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super pv magnifique pv
Djoff83 21. 8. 16. 오후 8:03
very sexy and kind !! perfect
stefan33240 21. 8. 4. 오전 1:06
très bien. bisous.
re5chats 21. 7. 23. 오전 1:15
tres beau pv
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tres bon privee charmante maitresse
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super pv
IzzyTomy 21. 6. 25. 오전 12:38
What a big moment, you're so sweet and elegant !!!
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