SalmaStone 여성 - 나이 25
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환상 I really enjoy role-playing games where they make me feel wanted, tell me things in my ear that make my imagination fly and take me to the climax.
나이 나이 25
머리색 갈색
머리길이 중간
눈색깔 밤색
160 cm - 63 in
몸무게 71 kg - 157 lbs
신체 사이즈 95-78-107 cm - 37-31-42 in
성적 선호도 I like people who know how to bring out a smile and put their mind at ease. To have a company that takes me to heaven and always makes my pussy wet.
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흥분된다 I'm excited about a person who is in control, who knows how to say horny things in my ear. Strong spanking, spitting in the pussy, nipple kissing and finger play in the pussy.
흥분되지 않는다 I don't like people who abuse to the point of causing a lot of pain.
선호 체위 Pretzel Dip, G-Whiz, Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggie Style, Reverse Cowgirl
인종 라티노
구어  프랑스어,  영어,  포르투칼어

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I consider myself a shy and quiet person but don't let that stop you, because I have a mischievous, spontaneous and playful side that you will want to know about. Let me infect you with my joy and creativity.

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Dumas1515 21. 11. 26. 오전 7:23
Magnifique spectacle Très gentille
SalmaStone 21. 11. 27. 오전 8:34
Tu es beau 😍
cocin28 21. 11. 25. 오전 11:52
Super pour tout
SalmaStone 21. 11. 26. 오전 4:16
Merci cherie 💋
nicebwoy 21. 11. 20. 오전 1:14
super lieve mooie
SalmaStone 21. 11. 24. 오전 7:56
lucien6076 21. 11. 15. 오전 8:30
tu es trop longue
SalmaStone 21. 11. 17. 오전 4:40
J'aime les hommes qui prennent le temps de découvrir mon corps, mes goûts et mes désirs 😉
Gilles373 21. 11. 9. 오전 10:53
toujours aussi belle et sexy. Tu es un trésor😍😘
SalmaStone 21. 11. 11. 오전 5:00
Vous êtes magnifique, merci💋
toozy 21. 10. 28. 오전 5:30
omg amazing from the start💦💦😈😍couldn't even last, she has talent this one
SalmaStone 21. 10. 29. 오전 6:47
Thank u, u are handsome 😍😈
leccotutta671 21. 10. 26. 오전 10:15
Sei dolcissima sexy piccante travolgente
SalmaStone 21. 10. 29. 오전 6:46
Wow... Siete così gentili, grazie mille, spero di vedervi presto 💖
bondman22 21. 10. 23. 오전 6:08
nice hairy pussy
SalmaStone 21. 10. 23. 오전 8:30
Wow... Thank u 😍
Teffy 21. 10. 16. 오후 10:49
Magnifique 🥰 mon cœur ❤ j'ai adoré
SalmaStone 21. 10. 18. 오전 5:40
Tu es incroyable 🥰
magna 21. 10. 9. 오후 8:29
merci belle j'ai bien aimer bisous
SalmaStone 21. 10. 9. 오후 11:01
je te donne les bisous que tu veux
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