AnnabelHawkins Молодые девушки - 18 лет
49 голосов 4.5
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Фамилия AnnabelHawkins
Категория Молодые девушки
Фантазмы I love to see my hands well cared for and clean, as well as big. I love playing with oils and having my neck kissed and slowly moving down to my breasts until my nipple gets hard, ready for you to suck on.
Возраст 18 лет
Цвет волос Черноволосая
Длина волос Длинные
Цвет глаз Карие
Рост 158 cm - 62 in
Вес 47 kg - 104 lbs
Размеры 81-60-83 cm - 32-24-33 in
Размер груди Маленькая грудь
Сексуальные предпочтения I like people who always have something to teach me, as I am a submissive person, I am always attentive to all the details and how they play with my body and enjoy everything.
Гениталии Женщина
Внешний вид гениталий Волосатая
Телосложение Худая
Меня возбуждает It excites me that you are the dominant one, I obey orders and I perfect them for you, I love to touch my body and that you see me doing it while you tell me where I should pass my hand, you will have me complete to your orders.
Меня не возбуждает I don't like offensive people who always think they are right and don't listen to other people's opinions, I have always considered myself very receptive and I have always wanted other people to treat me the same.
Любимая позиция I like to be dominated and feel that way, no matter what position you choose, I will always want you to take me with strong hands and feel how you enter me, from the softest and slowest to unleash your wild mode.
Владение иностранными языками  Французский,  Английский,  Испанский

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I am a kind and short girl, you can talk to me and have fun I am a kind person, tender, willing and adaptable to changes, I am a very attentive girl and focused on my business and responsibilities, good to talk and meet people, I consider myself very cheerful.

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Самые свежие комментарии о приватных шоу AnnabelHawkins

49 голосов
Enzo58 14.04.21, 16:56
Superbe et très gentille ***BP***
AnnabelHawkins 15.04.21, 13:43
Merci chérie, tu rends mes jours heureux! 💋💋
nickhulow 14.04.21, 14:38
I just came by to say hello .. but she make me horny and drive me crazy and so I must have another special moment with her. She is the devil in disguise... she'll make you crazy
AnnabelHawkins 14.04.21, 16:03
you, you're amazing, you left me without years, come back when you want, you will always be well received😍😈
FM104 13.04.21, 21:32
beautiful lovely girl 😍😍😍
AnnabelHawkins 14.04.21, 13:00
thank you so much 😍😍
markus87 28.03.21, 14:19
Fille magnifique pv au top Perfect
AnnabelHawkins 29.03.21, 16:12
tu es l'incroyable ici chérie😍
janus1204 20.03.21, 17:18
magnifique quelle femme adorable
AnnabelHawkins 20.03.21, 18:29
Je mérite un homme comme toi dans ma vie!
toto212 20.03.21, 13:56
mmm sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy
AnnabelHawkins 20.03.21, 18:28
my best experience!!!!
Pluguy 12.03.21, 16:47
Perfect slave 😋😋😋
AnnabelHawkins 14.03.21, 15:02
thnks a lot! I really enjoy being your slave! I'll be waiting for you .... ♥
nickhulow 12.03.21, 13:31
Wonderful girl, sweet and pretty. She got a supercharge of sensuality, I love her! WOW I'm still without words...
AnnabelHawkins 14.03.21, 15:00
mmmm your words make me shudder. I'm glad you enjoyed our moment together! hope to see you soon ... xoxo
Enzo58 09.03.21, 13:47
Mignonne et très gentille ***BP***
AnnabelHawkins 09.03.21, 14:09
😍😍😍 merci
poldi 07.03.21, 17:40
au top
AnnabelHawkins 09.03.21, 14:08
merci mon amour 😍
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