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Ime FlexyGoddess
Kategorija Dekle
Starost 29 let
Barva las blond
Dolžina las dolgi
Barva oči črne
Mera 163 cm - 64 in
Mere 64-81-97 cm - 25-32-38 in
Spolne preference kisses on my neck
Spol Ženska
Izgled spolnega organa Obrita
Telo Atletsko
Me vzburi a very intelligent man
Me ne vzburi beggars
Priljubljene cowgirl in reverse
Rasna pripadnost Evropejka
Obvladan/i jezik/i  francoski,  angleški,  španski
Fantazije Better step in my private room and I will tell you everything about my fantasies ;)

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Well hello there. Welcome to my profile/room. I am a Dominant Woman,as my nickname says it too,but..I'm not the basic Mistress you will find around..Leave your expectations to the door and prepare yourself for a mesmerizing experience with me. I am interesing combo of sensuality,dominance,intelligence,beauty and flexible skills. Once you get to know the real me,you will never want,think of,or need another Mistress ,except me. On my profile,you will see different aspects and facets of myself..you will see me as a bellydancer,as a dominatrix,as a powerful woman with strong feminine energy,enjoying life. Besides guiding men to their true essence, I live for dance and my body cells vibrate on the rhythm of music. I am a professional bellydancer with 19 years of experience and I like to express that with every chance I get to. I'm a vegan as I love animals more then humans and I have a high RESPECT for Mother Earth and planet itself. I love to read,I am a true bookworm that devour everything I can lay my hands on,with self-development and esoteric/spiritual subjects. If you want to be my"best friend"/lover/submissive you need to learn how to respect Women,in all ways. Feminine energy has gained a lot of teritory lately,becoming stronger because Women have learned how to take back their power and strength. Did you know that at the beginning of times, Matriarchy system was ruling the world? A perfect system where Women were the true power,while men were nothing but their accesories? Be aware guys,those times might get back soon so you need to be prepared! I am going to teach you how to work with your sexual energy,I am going to guide you and help you direct it right where it belongs. So..before joining my pvt,shut down your mind and let yourself fly on the wings of the Unknown..

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S tem načrtom dosegljivosti boste seznanjeni, kdaj je FlexyGoddess prijavljena na Divascam. Statistični podatki o dosegljivosti se samodejno obračunajo na podlagi podatkov iz zadnjih 45 dnevov, upoštevajoč dejanskega časa prijave spletne kamere FlexyGoddess.
FlexyGoddess še ni sporočila svojih dosegljivosti.
FlexyGoddess se že nekaj časa ni povezal/a, zato vam ne moremo ponuditi zanesljivega urnika navzočnosti na spletu.

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Dekle / blond , Dekle / Srednje prsi , Dekle / Obrita , Dekle / Atletsko , Dekle / Evropejka , Evropejka / Srednje prsi

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CoquinSoumis 2. 12. 23 16:45
plus de crédit :(
lovegirllick 5. 11. 23 19:04
Très belle femme. Intrigante... Promesse d'une grande sensualité
JECE0707 24. 10. 23 06:30
ma chérie, nous ne pouvons pas rester des heures à discuter surtout en exclu...Je viens pour jouer et me divertir😘😘
coatsa693 1. 10. 23 11:28
JECE0707 26. 09. 23 06:35
On peut dire que tu fais monter le plaisir très doucement ma beauté, j'espère que l'on finit en apothéose😛😛😍
Trap-74 15. 09. 23 21:01
bxaatch 18. 08. 23 11:08
samytest 22. 06. 23 06:58
Envie2toi 17. 06. 23 21:36
Une vrai déesse... Et superbe beauté 🤍💚
Nowhere-Man 27. 05. 23 07:04
Had a lovey talk, she's versatile
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