JulietaSanders Nữ Trẻ - 20 tuổi
Họ JulietaSanders
Phân loại Nữ Trẻ
Độ tuổi 20 tuổi
Màu tóc Tóc đen
Độ dài tóc Trung bình
Màu mắt Nâu
Chiều cao 167 cm - 66 in
Cân nặng 54 kg - 119 lbs
Số đo 63-88-88 cm - 25-35-35 in
Xu hướng tình dục I am young and you know it, but I must admit that I am attracted to older men. They make me feel safe because I like to be submissive and dominated. I love to fuck in a devastating way when the moment calls for it. I am also an anal virgin but also c
Giới tính Nữ
Ngoại hình bộ phận sinh dục Cạo lông
Thân hình Gầy
Tôi thấy phấn khích I start with my fingers, but then I like to switch to certain toys to get a different beat at different times. I love how I feel on my stomach when I have my Lovense toy inside and the vibrator massages my clit to inject it. Imagine using a shot righ
Tôi không thấy phấn khích My will to make you have a good time has no limits. I am very kind to anything you want to do. For the same reason, I can say that I do not like when a person talks to me and works to tell me a thousand things so that he sees me in a private room for
Tư thế ưa thích There are some that definitely make me see stars, but among my favorite poses I could highlight Missionary, Doggystyle, Cowgirl (and Reverse) and 69 styles to feel your oral passion :)
Dân tộc Mỹ La-tinh
Ngôn ngữ giao tiếp  Tiếng Pháp,  Tiếng Anh,  Tiếng Tây Ban Nha
Ảo dâm If fantasies is what we're talking about, i can say that i usually think about outdoor horny moments but also can say that i have not talked about this with anyone, even if that's my fantasy cause, nice to meet you, imma shy girlie haha, but ok, we can ha

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My name is Julieta Sanders. I am 18 years old, I am 1.69 tall and I am a curious girl who loves to learn about new environments and ideas, sharing the best of myself and spreading who I am with everyone is something I find suitable to know us. I am a cheerful and very extroverted girl, I love to dance and find any way to laugh with anyone, I practice sports to keep myself healthy, I love to eat almost any food especially chicken and usually i don't like to eat vegetables. I really like spending time here cause I can learn about different cultures with people from different places. I'm a really naughty girl, if anyone wants to know me in my normal mood will see what i'm talking about. You will always be welcome in my room ♥

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Bảng lịch giờ trống này cho biết khi nào bạn có hy vọng gặp được**JulietaSanders** online tại**Divascam**. Số liệu thống kê về giờ trống sẽ được tính tự động dựa trên dữ liệu của 45 ngày gần đây và dựa vào thời gian sử dụng webcam thực tế của**JulietaSanders**.
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Nhận xét mới nhất về chương trình riêng tư của JulietaSanders ‘

39 bình chọn
Cumquat 22:23 01/12/2022
JulietaSanders 00:38 02/12/2022
thank you for having such an amazing day
Heimer 23:20 11/11/2022
Super moment avec elle 😍
JulietaSanders 19:34 23/11/2022
I hope you had an incredible time because I had a super delicious time🔥🥵
Heimer 23:04 11/11/2022
Magnifique femme j'adore 💕💕
JulietaSanders 19:34 23/11/2022
J'espère que vous avez passé un moment incroyable car j'ai passé un moment super délicieux😍
Sloppy 20:35 07/11/2022
Parfaite, un bijou
JulietaSanders 20:54 08/11/2022
thank you very much you are very incredible I loved having this moment with you
rlvazerty 00:28 03/11/2022
parfaite:drole et aime jouer je reviendrai kisssssssssssss
JulietaSanders 19:35 23/11/2022
merci pour ces délicieux bisous je les apprécierai beaucoup 💦❤
Julien31x 19:40 24/10/2022
JulietaSanders 19:35 23/11/2022
quel moment spectaculaire chaque fois que vous voulez nous le répétons
skibum420 15:00 07/10/2022 sexy.perfection😍
JulietaSanders 19:36 23/11/2022
one of the best moments lived and the best thing that was with you😻😘
triquero 17:51 08/02/2021
amazing girl. so flexible and versatile. very happy and kind.
JulietaSanders 19:36 23/11/2022
❤💋🎀one of the best moments lived and the best thing that was with you
gus4224 20:04 01/02/2021
merci ma belle j'ai adorer ce moment à bientôt bisous
JulietaSanders 19:37 23/11/2022
l'un des meilleurs moments vécus et la meilleure chose qui était avec vous😻
triquero 18:21 28/01/2021
we must continue, credit run out. I get more, no problem
JulietaSanders 19:44 23/11/2022
whenever you like I will always be ready for you and continue enjoying ourselves
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