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פנטזיות I dream of spending an evening by the ocean shore looking at the starry sky and being in the arms of a loved one:) also I like experiment and do something new, especially when alone with a man ;))) Ready to stay with me alone in exclusive and experience s
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גובה 165 cm - 65 in
משקל 50 kg - 110 lbs
מידות 90-65-90 cm - 35-26-35 in
העדפה מינית Man , woman. Orgasm is an inner dance that many women only learn over time. In his bizarre figures, we unravel the secrets of our feelings, preferences, desires. We discover a new dimension of yourselves, release our animal impulses, wander through t
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מגרה אותי Oral sex ♥ I love it when they kiss the thighs, when they caress the breasts and nipples. Stroking, warming touches .. Erotic fantasies, films and literature .. While writing this - goosebumps .. Grabbing the hair, grabbing it firmly, slapping it wit
דוחה אותי I don't like anal. I do not like it when a man disrespects women. I don't like stingy and rude. I do not like it when they try to manipulate me. I don't like it when I'm scared or cold.
תנוחה מועדפת Doggy , 69, be on top, missionary
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שפות  צרפתית,  אנגלית,  גרמנית

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My name is Asya :) And I am that person with whom it is easy to find a common ground. In life I am very active, romantic and sociable, so I love when life is in full swing around me. I love to cook very much, I want to start traveling the world one day, I am fond of psychology and thanks to her I quickly reach mutual understanding with people. I love humor and find it very cute when someone tries to make me laugh :) I like to feel closeness in communication with a man, I appreciate when a man is open with his soul and allows me to dive into his inner world (I respect and do not brawl in someone else's inner world). Honesty is also very valuable to me. I am ready to give my legs, but necessarily in good caring hands! Do you have caring hands? :) I am waiting for you in my chat room, where you can learn more about me and introduce yourself to me!

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69, קלוז-אפ, צעצועי מין, פמדום, פטיש נשי, ספורטאים, עקבים, לאטקס, עור, אורגזמה בשידור חי, ביצים סיניות, עיסוי, אוננות, גניחות, אחות, ניילון, שמן, תחתונים, טייטס, פירסינג, מזכירה, מקלחת, כף רגל, הצלפה בישבן, השפרצה נשית, גרביונים, נשלטת, מדים, ויברטור, מצלמת זום, צ'אט קולי, בית שחי, מגפיים, פרווה, צבע שיער, גברים שעירים, רגליים, מבוגרים, גומי, נעליים, דגדוג, תחתונים, מציצנות, אכילת כוס

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187 הצבעות
Lordd110 22/02/22, 22:53
AleXxX9494 22/02/22, 02:14
bisous ma belle.j espere te revoir ma petite timide
vin265886 18/02/22, 22:38
sukaaaa 17/02/22, 00:15
kaja85 14/02/22, 04:25
verry good😍
canopus 12/02/22, 06:56
re5chats 11/02/22, 01:10
Merci pour pv
kiki681 10/02/22, 05:48
😘😍femme formidable😘😍
re5chats 05/02/22, 23:04
Merci pour ce jeu bb
kevino118 05/02/22, 21:51
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