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שם משפחה NatashaAllen
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צבע שיער שחור
אורך שיער בינוני
צבע עיניים חום
גובה 165 cm - 65 in
משקל 63 kg - 139 lbs
מידות 67-91-90 cm - 26-36-35 in
העדפה מינית My vibrating toy is my best friend in sex, it never fails to get me wet and it always makes me spread my legs...
מין אישה
מראה איבר המין חלק
מבנה הגוף ממוצע
מגרה אותי It excites me to talk about junk, that you tell me in detail what you want to do to me and how you are going to do it, that you are patient with me to reach my maximum pleasure, it excites me to know that you care about my pleasure as much as yours.
דוחה אותי I don't like you being impatient, or asking for or demanding a show you haven't deserved. Remember, I'm here to entertain you and brighten your days, not to make jealous scenes or interrupt other people's good times.
תנוחה מועדפת I like to be on top of you like in a cowgirl, but when you dominate me in doggy style, you come deep inside me and the orgasm is more intense than in any other position.
קבוצה אתנית לטיניות
שפות  צרפתית,  ספרדית,  איטלקית
פנטזיות Being filmed on the web was an amazing experience, knowing that millions of people all over the world could see me....... It makes me happy to know that if they are here with me, it's because that I captured them, with my charisma and my personality.

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Hello, my name is Natasha but you can call me Nati, I'm from Colombia, a tasty Latina, I like to dance and I'm very flirtatious, don't be fooled by my tender appearance, I'm wild and naughty.

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very good
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