Фамилия camiilacruz
Категория Женщины
Возраст 22 лет
Рост 165 cm - 65 in
Вес 60 kg - 132 lbs
Размеры 90-65-107 cm - 35-26-42 in
Размер груди Маленькая грудь
Сексуальные предпочтения I have no preference, I love the pleasure and being able to see how my partner enjoys, I love kisses and blowjobs... I would love to have a threesome one day
Гениталии Женщина
Меня возбуждает The kisses on the neck, that you go over my body with kisses, giving my partner oral sex excites me... I consider myself an expert and seeing a very hard cock, watch how you touch yourself and enjoy
Меня не возбуждает That they want everything quickly, senseless aggressiveness, and being badly treated without being on paper... I like that we spend a pleasant moment, that you can't stand it and end up cumming
Любимая позиция Sitting on top of my partner is the one I enjoy the most and gives me a wider range of motion, I can feel his entire hard cock rubbing inside my vagina and watch his gestures of pleasure
Раса Арабка
Владение иностранными языками  Голландский
Фантазмы Tie my partner to a chair and make him wear black women's lingerie, blindfolded, give him a couple of lashes and touch him with my hands full of oil until his cock is very hard. Then give him a blowjob that makes him cum on my face, continue like this wit

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I consider myself an intelligent person, capable of holding a conversation on almost any topic of interest to my interlocutor, listening to their conversation with great attention and kindly commenting on their preferences, sexy, flirtatious and kind, who enjoys a good chat with laughter and good stories

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Love Balls, Секретарши, Анальные пробки, Фонтан

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Женщины / Маленькая грудь , Женщины / Среднего телосложения , Женщины / Арабка , Арабка / Маленькая грудь

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55 голосов
polux69 06.07.23, 1:32
camiilacruz 06.07.23, 3:00
tks little baby
Fabe 29.06.23, 4:05
tu aimes ca bb
camiilacruz 06.07.23, 3:00
you are the best
Fabe 25.06.23, 2:41
superbe femme
camiilacruz 27.06.23, 0:16
thank you my love... I enjoyed spending time with you
bobbysh 18.06.23, 1:59
good job
camiilacruz 27.06.23, 0:17
tks honey
Chocholapin 11.06.23, 1:33
Perfect woman with a very huge sense of humor, a wonderful body and also a dirty mind
camiilacruz 13.06.23, 0:07
thanks for such nice words... just follow your wonderful and naughty idea! hope to see you soon!
MinorityBob 08.06.23, 3:12
camiilacruz 09.06.23, 3:36
thank you very much my love... you are such a delight.
colin56 19.05.23, 7:11
MrAndrew 17.05.23, 5:17
Very great show just let them enjoy
camiilacruz 19.05.23, 1:18
you do know.... for more moments like this with you
DavidTipper 15.05.23, 0:33
Best show ever
camiilacruz 15.05.23, 3:44
with you it's easy to feel this way... you excite me a lot my love
DavidTipper 15.05.23, 0:07
Great show
camiilacruz 15.05.23, 3:43
thank you my love
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