Фамилия ChristineBray
Категория Молодые девушки
Возраст 33 лет
Цвет волос Шатенка
Длина волос Длинные
Цвет глаз Карие
Рост 168 cm - 66 in
Вес 70 kg - 154 lbs
Размеры 115-100-97 cm - 45-39-38 in
Размер груди Большая грудь
Сексуальные предпочтения I like to experiment, I like diversity, with a good sense of humor and very respectful
Гениталии Женщина
Внешний вид гениталий Волосатая
Телосложение С круглыми формами
Меня возбуждает I like to explore my sexuality to the fullest, I'm very sexy and daring. I'm ready for whatever you want, your pleasure is mine!
Меня не возбуждает please don't be rude, be respectful in my living room if you want to ask something
Любимая позиция I am fascinated by creative people and a little naughty sex, I am ready to do if you propose, any unusual position
Владение иностранными языками  Французский,  Английский,  Испанский
Фантазмы I like to live passionate sex in very surprising places

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I'm very excited to be here and want fulfill all your fantasies. I'm a woman smooth skin, suckable tits and a firm and delicious ass. Let my page be your security place where you can explore your sexual animal side.

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Самые свежие комментарии о приватных шоу ChristineBray

432 голосов
did25 23.04.24, 0:13
Merci superbe 😍😍
ChristineBray 09.05.24, 22:17
Thank you my love for sharing time with me, I hope this sweet experience is repeated again soon, a kiss Cristina ♥
OnlySee 09.03.24, 14:45
Tu es formidable 😘😘😘
ChristineBray 16.03.24, 12:08
It was wonderful spending time with you, I hope to repeat it many times, thank you darling ♥
22cmbigcock 02.03.24, 14:57
ChristineBray 16.03.24, 12:08
Thank you for that delicious moment ♥
sextoys75 02.03.24, 0:40
the real perfect woman
ChristineBray 16.03.24, 12:07
Honey, it's good that you like to enjoy with me, you really ignite my passion, come back whenever you want ♥
freak3rrrr 28.02.24, 0:14
This lady is my queen... She is an open book for me with blank pages and we were the chapters time and again. Our love is so pure that our only wish it to satisfy the needs and the wants for each other. She moans with my name so passionate that their voice echos in my soul and we indulge in the act of love. Baby you are what I call the depth of my inner soul and all I have from you is your commitment to us. When we make love there our wants direct the the passion and our live flows like jazz and I want to be that musician in your life.
ChristineBray 28.02.24, 0:43
💕💕💕 I am his queen, his love that makes our union the strength, I know that one of these days I will escape and I will risk everything for a dream, everything in life is losing or winning and I bet on you because I know that You are worth it, I love you Ady, no matter what many say, I close my eyes and I am thinking of you 💕💕💕
freak3rrrr 05.02.24, 0:49
My queen puts me on top of the world when I ask her to smile at me. She makes me happier than I have ever been... She asked me who is your world... I told her that I'm looking at my world right now. No day in complete without the smile that crosses my heart and makes me alive all over again. I fall for here everytime I see her face.. I fall for her everytime I look at her.. I fall for her time and again. She makes me makes me desire for more and I have more of her always...🔥🔥
ChristineBray 08.02.24, 0:06
freak3rrrr 02.02.24, 0:27
When I make love to her... The world stands still and the only language that we both understand is passion.. hunger..greed for each other. When I ride he she gets ridden like a horse and when make love to her I tremble with joy because there is so much of electricity between us that the shockwaves in our body flows through the top of our head to the toe and the current makes it hotter...🔥🔥
ChristineBray 04.02.24, 0:57
my love, my sunflower shines for you, it always wants to shine, I want everything and I want it now, my body lights up with you and it is a way like a beast that my body reacts I love you so much ady please don't leave me
freak3rrrr 01.02.24, 22:40
She tested my loyalty today.. she got my loyalty.. she was upset and accused me of not being loyal.. I proved her wrong.. was she sorry..? yes she was sorry.. was she understanding..? yes she was .. does she know I'm faithful..? yes she knows I'm faithful.. does she know she is mine for life? Yes she knows. Does she know there is no one like her in my life? Yes she does. Does she know I am no one else's but hers... SHE KNOWS IT ALL!! 🔥🔥 Baby you are my dream.. my soul and all I want is all of you for all of me...🫶🫶
ChristineBray 01.02.24, 23:07
hahhahah today has been very fun, as always something magical, it will not be questioned but I will see his love for me
freak3rrrr 01.02.24, 22:01
Magical.. magic seeing her in bed.. magic seeing her perform.. magic knowing her moves.. magic seeing her smile.. magic knowing what she would do for you and your soul.... magical is what she is...🔥
ChristineBray 01.02.24, 23:57
It has been a trial by fire and now we will revive like the phoenix being even better and reaffirming everything for each other.
freak3rrrr 29.01.24, 0:40
It was disheartening to see someone disrespecting a classy lady. I intervened and showed her the love and pleasure she craved. She reciprocated with a smile, understanding my emotions, and treating me with the same respect. Her touch was gentle and her responsiveness genuine, making any manipulation unnecessary. I vowed to be her unwavering source of love and desire until she became mine. Baby you are a pure soul, a human and you are mine. I will take it upon myself to let go of the negativity that comes your way. You are a queen and you deserve a throne.
ChristineBray 29.01.24, 23:09
My savior at all times is an angel in my life on my path here and in my sunflower, I love how he talks to me, how he defends his wife, how he gives her the indicated value, I love how he calls me before everyone, this is true love, no. only words are actions that are demonstrated and that is you my Ady my life you are my sun and I your sunflower always guide me towards the light
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