Фамилия MaisieJanelle
Категория Женщины
Возраст 18 лет
Цвет волос Шатенка
Длина волос Средней длины
Цвет глаз Карие
Рост 150 cm - 59 in
Вес 57 kg - 126 lbs
Размеры 84-75-80 cm - 33-30-31 in
Сексуальные предпочтения All, I like to experiment with my body and my mind.
Гениталии Женщина
Внешний вид гениталий Подстриженная
Телосложение Накачанная
Меня возбуждает I want to meet you and discover everything that turns you on. You can see me as an angel, but in bed I am a complete demon. My little body has the ability to take your lust to a new level that you have never felt before.
Меня не возбуждает I love when you are educated, sincere and friendly :) With these 2 attributes, you can fall in love. Don't forget manners when you enter my show, we are all human, connection is essential.
Любимая позиция Fingering, real orgasm, spanking, foot fetish, blowjobs and much more. Anal games, double penetration and fetish games only in exclusive rooms, please.
Владение иностранными языками  Французский,  Английский,  Испанский
Фантазмы I love being watched by you, imagining you next to me, touching my body, kissing every part, taking me by the hip and making me yours, saying every erotic word you feel for me until our bodies explode with passion.

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I want to meet you and discover everything that you are passionate about, share with you the tastes that you hide the most, be one while we spend a pleasant time full of passion in which I get hot wet with you

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11 голосов
scotty43 13.07.23, 20:45
MaisieJanelle 13.07.23, 21:58
You left me amazed, thank you handsome💋
CharlySean_IsBack 10.07.23, 23:46
CharlySean_IsBack 10.07.23, 23:14
Maisieroy 29.06.23, 23:42
publicenemy21 28.06.23, 22:03
rica chica! super et caliente😈😜
Maisieroy 28.06.23, 2:43
My angel 😘😘😘😘😘
justRoy 26.06.23, 19:27
She is gonna blow ur mind😘
justRoy 24.06.23, 22:06
She is incredibly hot😍😘
Cactus 24.06.23, 6:01
justRoy 20.06.23, 21:32
She is love of my life, beautiful, sexy! I love u bb😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
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