Фамилия PaulaSaint
Категория Молодые девушки
Возраст 24 лет
Цвет волос Черноволосая
Длина волос Средней длины
Цвет глаз Черные
Рост 160 cm - 63 in
Вес 60 kg - 132 lbs
Размеры 80-60-90 cm - 31-24-35 in
Размер груди Маленькая грудь
Сексуальные предпочтения Men and Women, I love people who know what they want and are willing to risk to fulfill their fantasies, who dominate me and spank me, who like a good blowjob and leave all his cock and cum in my throat
Гениталии Женщина
Внешний вид гениталий Бритая
Телосложение Худая
Меня возбуждает I love people who know what they want and are willing to take risks to fulfill their fantasies, who dominate and spank me, who like a good blowjob and leave everything
Меня не возбуждает that they treat me badly and do not know what they want
Любимая позиция I like to be up, down, in four, as my partner and I feel more pleasure, all the positions are incredible
Владение иностранными языками  Французский,  Английский,  Немецкий
Фантазмы Je suis une personne très fantasmée sexuellement, l'un de mes fantasmes les plus intimes est d'avoir deux hommes au lit et ils me font tous les deux ressentir un plaisir indescriptible, mais le faire avec deux filles serait aussi un moment trop excitant.

Чат с PaulaSaint в режиме реального времени и ее сексуальная веб-камера

I stand out for being a calm, cheerful person who likes simplicity, my friends say that I am a person they can always count on and lean on, but I also really like taking care of myself and above all making myself happy. I like to dance and share moments with my relatives. I like to offer my best version because in it I develop my sexual personality to another level, you will know all my sexual pleasure skills. I'm back because I know that here I can be myself and enjoy my sexuality to the fullest with my followers, come and enjoy a moment full of pleasure and enjoyment for both of us.

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Самые свежие комментарии о приватных шоу PaulaSaint

123 голосов
Cokecumnut926 03.08.22, 3:24
Very very nice
PaulaSaint 06.08.22, 7:57
I wait for you soon to continue enjoying together 😈
Faz001 02.08.22, 7:38
She's so pefect, its alway a perfect moment
PaulaSaint 06.08.22, 7:56
the moments with you are perfect, I love you 😈😍
Cokecumnut926 02.08.22, 7:22
PaulaSaint 06.08.22, 7:55
playing with you is delicious, thanks for such a spectacular show😈😈
PETER_is_STILL 27.07.22, 6:21
out of this world...stunning xxx
PaulaSaint 06.08.22, 7:54
I have missed you a lot, I hope to see you again and enjoy you 😈
PETER_is_STILL 27.07.22, 6:14
the best girl EVER XXX
PaulaSaint 06.08.22, 7:53
PETER_is_STILL 23.07.22, 3:42
PaulaSaint 27.07.22, 5:35
I already want to repeat our game, you are so excitante 💦😈
ZuLulu 21.07.22, 8:06
amazing ass
PaulaSaint 21.07.22, 8:15
I love to bounce my ass for you 😍i love u😍I wait for you soon to keep having fun
PETER_is_STILL 21.07.22, 7:54
oh my days....no one is as good as this sexy girl is...💋💋💋😈😈😈🛁
PETER_is_STILL 16.07.22, 3:52
PaulaSaint 20.07.22, 8:52
You are incredible, I'm going crazy to see you 😍
Dionosos 12.07.22, 8:11
PaulaSaint 20.07.22, 8:52
Te espero pronto para divertirnos una vez mas 🥵
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